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Meet the Team

NFSTAC is part of a network of technical assistance centers funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAHMSA). It is the first of its kind, focused on supporting families with children-of-any-age that experience mental health and/or substance use challenges - and the providers and organizations that support them.


Our Team

Our team is comprised of family members who have loved ones of all ages who experience mental health and/or substance use challenges. This lived experience, combined with our collective decades of professional experience as researchers, practitioners, training and technical assistance providers, and leaders in family partnership, involvement, and providing support informs every aspect of our work.


Our partners have a rich history of developing family-friendly resources for those experience mental health and/or substance use challenges, including co-occurring diagnoses, overdose prevention, navigating the behavioral health system, understanding parity laws, practicing self-care, and much more. 

We believe families play a vital role in supporting their loved ones

and are the experts regarding how best to support their family


National Federation of Families

The National Federation of Families is an advocacy organization that represents the voices of families through a network of family-run organizations across the United States. For more than 30 years, they have worked to improve supports and services for families whose children (of any age) experience mental health and/or substance use challenges through the lifespan.

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Partnership to End Addiction

Partnership to End Addiction works toward a mission of transforming how the nation addresses addiction. They take a public health approach, rooted in science and compassion. The nonprofit provides personalized support and resources for families impacted by addiction, while mobilizing policymakers, researchers and health care professionals to more effectively address addiction systemically on a national scale.

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C4 Innovations

C4 Innovations advances recovery, wellness, and housing stability for people who are marginalized. They are committed to reducing disparities and achieving equitable outcomes. They partner with service organizations, communities, and systems to develop and implement research-based solutions that are person-centered, recovery-oriented and trauma-informed.

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Safe Project

SAFE Project is a national nonprofit working through a collaborative, multi-pronged and non-partisan approach to end the nation's catastrophic addiction epidemic. Since its inception, SAFE Project has focused on providing training and technical assistance to individuals and communities to empower them to support the needs of families with individuals dealing with mental and/or substance use challenges.

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Boston University's Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Boston University’s Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation is a research, training, and service organization dedicated to improving the lives of persons who have psychiatric disabilities. Their work is guided by the most basic of rehabilitation values: that first and foremost, persons with psychiatric disabilities have the same goals and dreams as any other person. The Center provides resources, training and consultation for a wide variety of groups, including families and individuals in mental health recovery.

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