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NFSTAC provides innovative, flexible technical assistance and training that is responsive to the needs of families whose children

– of all ages – experience mental health, substance use and addiction challenges and the providers and communities that support them. We believe families play a vital role in supporting their loved ones and are the experts regarding their family support needs. Anchored in that belief, the technical Assistance (TA) we provide is designed to expand the art and science of support

for caregivers, families, the family support workforce.

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Time-Limited, Targeted Technical Assistance (TA) 


We provide TA designed to have a long-lasting impact on family-run and community organizations nationwide. Our TA helps organizations build capacity and improve support provided for families through the lifespan in the areas of mental health, substance use and addiction. TA is tailored to the unique needs of each organization and typically includes topics such as increasing family engagement, program consultation, and workforce development. We invite you to learn more and to submit a TA request here.

Webinars and Virtual Trainings

NFSTAC will host webinars and virtual trainings on topics related to supporting families who are challenged with mental health and substance use/addiction issues. Content is geared towards all members of the family support community: including parents and caregivers, their natural supports, community members, and the various members of the family workforce including Family Peer Specialists, providers, clinicians, and educators. Presenters will include Subject Matter Experts (SME) in mental health and substance use, experienced Family Peer Specialists and family members with topic-related lived experience. Examples include, but are not limited to, family engagement in treatment, caregiver support, lifespan support needs, and signs and symptoms of co-occurring mental health and substance use challenges. See our upcoming events listed here.

Office Hours (Coming February 0f 2022)

Monthly Office Hours provide a virtual learning space where members of the workforce who support families can meet with a subject matter expert. Office Hours allow for in-depth conversations about topics that are important to individuals working in family mental health and substance use support fields and the opportunity to ask questions, share resources, and discuss challenges and successes in their field work. The goal is to receive information that can help you improve and develop new skills. A unique topic, driven by participants, will be advertised each month. 

Family Connection (Coming January of 2022)

Families are not alone in their journey. Monthly Family Connections are specifically designed for parents/caregivers. Family Connections provide an opportunity for families to come together, share resources, support one another, and problem-solve. A unique topic, driven by participants, will be advertised each month. The goal is to provide support and information that will help families address the needs of their children – of any age – who experience mental health and/or substance use challenges.

Virtual Resource Library (Coming Summer of 2021)

We provide up-to-date information related to the provision of evidence-informed and community-defined practices for mental health and substance use treatment with an emphasis on supporting the caregivers of individuals receiving care. Our virtual resource library will host comprehensive resources for families, system administrators, policymakers, clinical providers, and family-run leadership to ensure organizations understand that best practice includes engaging families as they support their children through the lifespan. The library will include training modules, toolkits, self-paced online courses and other materials and information that can help meet the needs of families. 

Peer Learning Communities (Coming in 2022)

Learning Communities (LC) are open to everyone and organized by community role. They consist of shared-interest listservs facilitated by subject matter experts. Members will have the opportunity to connect with peers to share challenges, questions, ideas, resources, and tools to inspire breakthrough ideas, new knowledge, and new practices.

Communities of Practice (Coming in 2022) 

NFSTAC plans to host an annual workforce-based Community of Practice (COP) for individuals who provide family support in the areas of mental health and substance use/addiction. Each COP lasts for 12 months and includes quarterly large group think tanks with members of the Family Peer Specialist field, mental health and substance use/addiction providers, educators and other professionals who wish to expand their skills in family engagement. Upon completion participants will receive a NFSTAC certificate. 

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